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For the release of V.I.S, his new 3-CD album, Steve Shehan invites you to discover his career and his world around music.

Artistic nomadism

When I look back, my course is dazzling, nomadic, nourished with magnificent encounters from the four corners of the world. Yet I still have so many things to discover, to share and to create.

Born in the United States, life took me on a stateless caravan to France, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain.

Finally being able to project myself, I first solidified my career in the United States and then chose to return to France to found my artistic home, where my greed for writing, poetry, painting and composition blend altogether.

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My approach to music

This thirst and this intimate will to break my lack of knowledge (my « nescience« ) were retranscribed in my musical approach. The instruments to create the spine of each musical project are my paint tubes and my brushes.

Since the beginning of my career, the impossibility of limiting myself to one instrument or to a single approach was the best gift that could ever be given to a musician.

From this constraint, of a human being exiled from his roots, I was always attracted by the idea of a set of « harmonious » instruments, « tuned » or tunable, inspired by Nature.

As a kind of premonition, my vision has been until today a response to the world that surrounds me.

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Modular music

By necessity, I had to have modular sets according to the style of music that I was accompanying. Evolving in the traditional, contemporary and classical music, into pop, jazz and world music, not to mention studio sets where the variety had to be even more extensive.

Moreover, from the beginning I have proposed sounds coming from elsewhere, gathered from my travels, with great respect for the cultures and the traditions of this world that is so endearing and troubled.

From Indonesia to Brazil, Africa, passing by Cuba, Japan, Iran or Afghanistan, my instrumentarium is that of a nomad who gropes incessantly in order to create a bridge between tradition and modernity.

Presently, I am considering my initial attraction for the Baroque music, or other Classical forms. An ever demanding and inexhaustible universe, I get inspired to meet my previous approach as a percussionist-composer, where Vivaldi meets Berg, Kurt Weill – Purcell, Sati – Feldman, in a prism, a kaleidoscope, mirror of the world, world without limits.


Visa Mundi


2 réflexions sur “Music & Artistic Approach – Home”

  1. Is there any chance to perform in London? I would love to attend. I’ve seen you playing with Hadouk Trio in Thessaloniki and it was a magic evening.
    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Liana,
      It felt nice indeed to play in Thessaloniki with Hadouk a while ago…
      As for now I have a band but no contracts in sight for the moment concerning England.
      There is a quartet I play with, that might perform in England some day Matthieu Saglio quartet.
      Stay tuned
      Be safe

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