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« The unexpected became a profession » (podcast)

Was recently interviewed by Sylvain Paslier, a young French-American handpan enthusiast, for his Handpan Podcast. Listen below:

Actually It’s 1998, Mark Steward handing me a hang drum. I think it was in San Francisco. It was maybe a prototype, but it was, it was interesting. It was unexpected. 1998. That was early. So was my first introduction to the hang drum and then coming back to France. 2002-2003 I met. Oh, I had a friend called Jimmy Braun. Maybe if you heard about him, he introduced me to Felix and Sabina to the Hang and to different possibilities that we would find with them. So talking about different scales and they did send me a shipment, six or seven, I don’t know, five or six Hang Drums, first generation. That was, that was the moment. I mean like it was fascinating. I mean this instrument was a real revolution. It would change a lot of things, you know, for nomads. And in terms of the musical approach right away, I knew it would be a major change in both in a good way and a strange way maybe. But I was facing an instrument that was possibly revolutionary. I mean, no electronics carry-able, you know, you need to carry around like elegant. I dunno. Nice scales, easy to sort of, you know, cope with or dive in what it made possible. So that was really interesting, by the way. So, so I was fascinated. I thought it was, yeah. Something new.

Podcast’s full transcript

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